When Outsourcing Social Media, Beware…

When Outsourcing Social Media, Beware…

If you’re currently investing in social media services from a third-party, listen up. We have noticed over the past year several social media shops pop-up on the scene. What concerns us is there are multiple pitfalls that brands need to be aware of prior to hiring one of these shops. Pitfalls include:

Templatized Approach
Brands are provided with standard packages that do not include custom planning. Not all brands, categories and industries are the same, so why should their social media presence be the same?

Lack of Leadership
With a focus on deployment, eyes are taken off the most important aspects of effectively managing a brand in the social spectrum: objectives, strategies, community management, and most importantly… measurement

Pay-as-you-go Content
Packages are usually based off the number of posts, blogs, links, etc. In this approach, services are based off of quantity, versus quality.

Lack of Digital Integration
Social media is only a piece of a brand’s digital strategy. Now that social media is influencing other Paid, Owned and Earned media, these shops must also have these capabilities to ensure the success of their clients’ social media presence.

At Accelerate Online Marketing, our social media offerings are much different. We begin with insights pulled from the brand’s consumers and competition, then layer these insights with category trends. Then we work with our clients to develop custom, tailored plans that support business objectives, KPIs and the brand strategy.

Due to the nature of our agency, we are maniacal about performance. Therefore, we are constantly ensuring that the platform and content strategies are performing to client/agency expectations.

The best thing to do when considering social media services is to do your homework. Or, you can give us a call and we can share with you our expertise personally and get to know what your brand is trying to achieve.

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