View Through Conversions – Banner Advertising (Display Advertising) – A Case Study by Accelerate Online Marketing, LP

View Through Conversions – Banner Advertising (Display Advertising) – A Case Study by Accelerate Online Marketing, LP

Google does it again! Introducing View Through Conversions for display ads on the Google Content Network.

What is a View-through conversion & why should I care?

Before we can define what a View-Through Conversion is, we should first start by defining the old Click-Through Conversion.

Click-Through Conversions Defined

It’s typical for a banner ad to have a lower CTR than a text ad on the Search Network – they get a TON more impressions, so the CTR is typically lower. We know that when a user clicks on the banner, we have to pay (if you are using CPC based bidding for your banners, and why wouldn’t you?!). We also know when those searchers complete a conversion on your site (if you are using Google’s Conversion Tracking, and WHY WOULDN’T YOU?!). These are called “Click-Through Conversions.

VIew-Through Conversions Defined

View-through conversion tracking measures the number of online conversions that happen within 30 days after a user SAW (but did not click on) your display ad on the Google Content Network.

But what about all those people that didn’t click on your ad, but later come back and complete a conversion? Well, that’s what View Through Conversions are for. This gives you more insight into the true Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). It also allows you to find the banners that may not be getting clicks, but are driving site conversions.

The Case Study:

Our client was spending a nominal amount per day on banner advertising. They received 484 clicks out of 815,525 impressions. (Ok, a .06% CTR is not quite to industry standards – DoubleClick Industry Standard is .10%) – but we only pay if someone clicks on the ad. That’s the beauty of running display banners on the Google Content Network with CPC bidding. Out of those 484 clicks, the client received 84 conversions (white paper downloads, request more info, etc). 17.36% conversion rate (many-per click). Or 10.74% (52) 1-per click site conversions. What’s notable is after 30 days, they had 364 View-Through Conversions. That’s a whopping 75% site conversion rate! I guess those banners were actually working!

So while we thought they were paying $10.43 a conversion, when you count the View-Through Conversions, it was actually $2.40 a conversion!


Google has also introduced Video Playback, Mouseover & Interaction Reporting.

Banners Rock on the Google Content Network! Google also recently came out with some interesting data on how combining Banners & Search provides an average lift in search of 155%, See our video presentation on this compelling data!

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