Video Mouseover and Playback Reporting Now Available

Video Mouseover and Playback Reporting Now Available

We’ve written about a new reporting metric available in AdWords called View Through Conversions – VTC. A great and compelling metric to help measure the TRUE performance of your display ads on Google’s Content Network.

Now Google has added MORE compelling metrics for Video’s that run on their content network. In additon to View Through Conversions, the following is a list of the new metrics available in the reports section for videos:

1. Mouseover-Enabled Impressions (# of impressions where your audience could mouse over your ad)
2. Mouseover Rate (mouse over your ad, but didn’t play or click it)
3. Interaction-Enabled Impressions (# of impressions where your audience could interact with your ad)
4. Interactions (# of video plays)
5. Interaction Rate (% of video plays based on Interaction Enabled Impressions)
6. Avg Cost Per Interaction (Total Cost/Interaction)
7. Playbacks through 25% of Video (# who watched the video through 25%)
8. Playbacks through 50% of Video (# who watched the video through 50%)
9. Playbacks through 75% of Video (# who watched the video through 75%)
10.Playbacks through 100% of Video (# who watched the video in it’s entirety)

What’s FANTASTIC about Click-to-Play Videos on Google’s Content Network, is that you don’t pay for video plays (interaction rate), you pay when someone clicks through to your website!

Here’s a case study:

In the first 10 days of December, we ran click-to-play videos on targeted websites.

121,607 Impressions (our first slide was heavy on branding our URL & event we were promoting), but only 78 people clicked through to the website (CTR .06%) – not great. (but the View Through Conversions were 121) Cost $171.65 or $0.88 per click when you count the VTC. But with the new reporting we could see that 434 people watched the video! Avg Cost Per Interaction $0.39. Now that’s more like it. 280 users watched the video through 25% and 202 watched 100% of the video.

So we got some great brand lift, and $0.39 per video play is not bad at all! More importantly, we saw an increase in their direct traffic as well as their brand traffic in paid search.

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