Why Are Video Advertisements Important for My Marketing Strategy?

With sites like YouTube receiving vast amounts of traffic every hour of every day, video advertisements have become much more prevalent on the internet. Whether it’s a 13 second ad before a streamed video or a URL sent via email, video advertising is an engaging, memorable, and cost-effective way to promote your brand on the vast sea of the internet marketplace. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Engaging: Videos are inherently engaging, and interesting vids are shared frequently by people on social media. Of course, to get this to happen, you need a video that’s neither too short nor too long and that contains engaging content. Engaging content must be either entertaining or informative (or both), and it must provide that value quickly.
  • Memorable: Engaging videos are memorable (seriously, just try forgetting Gangnam Style). The very nature of video makes it stick in people’s minds since it incorporates both visual and audible elements. Your audience will see, hear, and—if you do it right—feel your message, making it a highly effective way to get people thinking about your brand.
  • Data-driven: Sites like YouTube now use data to drive their video advertising. They track what videos people usually watch, enabling your message to get to people who are most likely to be interested. Think of the effect a hardware store ad will have when streamed right before a DIY project video, for example.
  • Promotes brand recognition: Written and visual content both build your brand’s identity. Add sound and movement to that, and you suddenly have a much stronger way to convey your voice online. In addition, it adds a whole new dimension to your brand identity, which makes your brand that much more memorable. This is what video does for you—it fleshes out your identity and makes it more distinctive.
  • Cost effective: For the value it provides, video advertising is highly cost effective. It has far more click-throughs than written content, and it will usually keep people on your site longer. Add that to the reach and recognition it gives you, and it’s easy to see why video is such an important part of your online marketing strategy.

To be truly effective, a video needs to be well crafted and used in the right way. Otherwise, it won’t get the reach and click-through rates it needs. This requires the marketing expertise of digital rockstars, which you can find at Accelerate Online Marketing. To learn more about the importance and use of video advertisements, contact Accelerate today!

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