Trinity Credit Services Case Study

Trinity Credit Services Case Study

Trinity Credit Services (TCS) is a credit repair brand focused on improving consumer credit scores to revive their financial situation. Unlike many credit repair companies, they assist a client’s situation and quote a fixed price to improve credit.

TCS invests heavily in paid search marketing so they can immediately track the results. However, their paid media was left unmanaged for more than five months, and as a result, the effectiveness quickly deteriorated. Many companies make the mistake of allowing paid search accounts to go unmanaged and left in “auto-pilot” mode when an employee leaves or other company priorities usurp the paid search manager’s time. This common misconception leads to an erosion of bids, stale ad copy, ineffective placements, and uncontrolled keywords. Accelerate evaluated this account and identified many opportunities to generate higher quality leads for less money by continuously managing the account in the highly competitive credit repair industry.

Accelerate identified four key paid search strategies to address the client’s deteriorating paid search performance in this neglected account:

  • Optimizing the account.
  • Restructuring the account.
  • Developing and implementing a tracking methodology for the phone calls to calculate Cost per Acquisition (CPA).
  • Developing and implementing methodologies to track lead to sale.

Specifically, we restructured and organized the account into more granular micro ad groups and targeted ads. Then, we implemented a bid management tool to minimize spend and maximize both form fills and phone calls—the two main lead generating sources for this client. This strategy helped improve the quality of traffic to the website. Finally, we implemented a method to bid higher on leads that came from phone calls. Implementing a methodology to track the keywords generating the phone call is a key differentiators that Accelerate has among competitors.
After six months, Accelerate was able to:

  • Increase lead generation by an average of +14%.
  • Increase search click-through-rate by an average of +37%.
  • Decrease average cost-per-lead an average of +10%.
  • Increase Impression Share an average of +35%.
  • February 2012 was best month in company history generating a +684% Return on Ad Spend.
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