Tracking Site Search in Google Analytics: See How Site Search Directly Affects Sales

Tracking Site Search in Google Analytics: See How Site Search Directly Affects Sales

All websites should have a search feature, this way if a user wants to do a quick search, instead of using top and left navigation, to find a particular product on your site. We all aim to build sites that are user friendly where the search box would almost never be used, but having one and tracking it can shed some light on some interesting aspects of your site.


Typically if a user uses the search box on your site is because they’ve been digging around for a while and, for a last ditch effort to find what they’re looking for; use the search box to finally find their desired product. Which means, if more times than not people are searching on your site and eventually find what they’re looking for and purchase, something is wrong in a particular medium. Take for example this screen shot:
You can see the traffic numbers by percentage next to the total revenue, but the good thing about this report in particular; it shows that this client’s site is doing well considering that their paid, non paid and direct traffic users do NOT have to use their search box to purchase. Now their referral field is something completely different, visitors that used the site search converted 115% higher by revenue. This is pretty significant, considering that their referral traffic brings in 25% of their revenue per month and that particular segment (referral visits with site search) is 17% of overall revenue. What’s the most amazing thing? This particular segment only controls 1.20% of all visitors to this site!

What are the questions to ask to fix this “problem”?

  • What are the referral sites that are having this issue?
  • Is this something in our control?
    • Affiliates?
    • Link building?


Also, another thing to notice is that the 4th most popular segment (non-paid visits with site search) has a pretty significant amount of revenue attributed to it (3rd most money) or 12% of total revenue.


As you can see tracking site search in Google Analytics can show you how your site search directly affects sales. Contact Accelerate Online Marketing today for us to a FREE audit, like this one, on your site!

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