Track AdWords Sitelinks: Use Google Analytics to Find User Engagement and Conversions with Your Sitelinks

Track AdWords Sitelinks: Use Google Analytics to Find User Engagement and Conversions with Your Sitelinks

When Google first introduced sitelinks in 2009 (yes, they’ve been around for that long!) every specialist and analyst saw the value in having these in every possible ad, but everyone had the same question: why can’t I see individual sitelink clicks? While the sitelinks are a huge success in taking up more real estate and increasing CTR there’s a huge hole missing in how the sitelinks are performing individually. Google recently made segmentation of the sitelinks available in the UI, which is very interesting to see, although most people don’t realize that you can actually track the sitelinks to individual link clicks too using Google Analytics.



I noticed this a couple of months ago and I’m very surprised that there hasn’t been an explosion of blog posts about tracking sitelinks down to each link! As far as I can tell it started in October, because when sitelinks first came out we put utm trackers on every link hoping that one day we’ll be able to get tracking. As you can see from the screen shots below, I circled the campaign name in the UI and show you the numbers in analytics:








User engagement is actually down in comparison to the site average (minus Package and Alarm):

  • Average pages/visit: 3.11
  • Time on site: 2:48
  • Bounce Rate: 53%

Now with this data I can make judgments on how well they’re performing individually, test ad copy and landing pages to give me the best mix of engagement and conversions. As we can see from the conversions listed below, there is a slip how conversion rates are doing in comparison to the site average (0.70%):





Obviously if you don’t already have utm trackers on your sitelinks, do it today and start getting the information you so desperately want so you can optimize your account to the full capacity.



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