Tips for a Better Mobile Performance

Tips for a Better Mobile Performance

Yes, mobile searches are increasing daily. Yes, everyone is focused on mobile. Therefore, a sound mobile strategy is crucial when trying to reach your consumer. Of all Internet traffic, 10% is now represented from Mobile traffic. On top of that, time spent on mobile devices are growing as well.

Although both computer and mobile interaction may seem similar at first glance, they are vastly different and this can pose problems for many advertisers. At Accelerate, we understand these trends and recommend the following when considering mobile.

Mobile Optimized Site
First, every brand should begin by creating a mobile optimized site. This shouldn’t be done carelessly, you must outline goals and objectives. Are you gathering leads through a form fill? If this is true, the form should be easy to find and easy to fill out via a mobile device. Are you promoting products and eventually wanting a consumer to purchase? If this is true, the site should be easy to operate and the checkout page should have easy navigation. When creating a mobile optimized site, the consumer behavior with the mobile device should always drive functionality.

Position Bidding
One big distinction between computers and mobile searches is the display of the page itself. On computers, three ads can receive top positions and many more can show in the right column for side position. On mobile devices, two ads show at top position and two show at the bottom of the page. This causes an extreme drop in click through rate when not in the top two positions. This causes optimization of the campaign to be difficult and can eventually cause a drop in quality score. We have found that is rare for an ad to perform well in the bottom positions.

As always it is important to analyze the traffic you are getting from mobile devices. Note: You should have completely separate mobile campaigns to optimize effectively. A few ways to optimize include:

Analyze different carriers and smartphone models
o Use today’s tracking capabilities to your advantage and identify if certain carriers or models provide better results for the specific industry you are optimizing for.

Day Parting
o Impressions on mobile devices grow significantly after 5:00pm when people are at home and not in front of their computers. You must analyze each hour in the day to find what time of day is producing and what time of day is not producing optimal results.

Systematic Advertising
As much as marketers are ingrained to think that each vertical in advertising acts on its own and produces its own form of direct response, savvy marketers think differently. Advertising on mobile devices, although may not be doing well on its own, has it increased brand or direct traffic on computer visitors? These visits could be due to the mobile ads running. Mobile web audiences are growing but computers remain the main conversion producer. When running ads on multiple platforms, analyze how the ads act as a system as they reach the consumer in multiple areas of the conversion funnel.

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