Tiered Linking

Tiered Linking

Tiered linking is a popular tactic that is fundamental to SEO. If done correctly, tiered linking can help you realize the full value of any one link to your site. However, If you don’t fully understand tiered linking you could be wasting precious time and resources building links that pass very little to no value on to your money site.

What is tiered linking?

Tiered linking is the strategy of linking to pages, which then link to your site opposed to linking to your site directly.

What are the advantages of tiered linking?

Tiered linking allows you to increase the value of any one link to your site by boosting the authority of the page that links to you. Tiered linking also allows you to ensure that your backlinks are actually being indexed by the search engines.

I have a link from a PR 9 site. Why would I need to boost that link’s authority?

This is one of the most common misconceptions concerning SEO. Let’s say you have a high quality tier-one (linking directly to your site) link on Wikipedia. There’s no denying that this is a high quality link because of the domain. The problem is that this link does not live on Wikipedia’s PR 9 homepage. Most high-quality backlinks in terms of authority domains will be from an orphan page on that site. Yes, every page on that authoritative domain will provide great value to outbound links because of the internal linking structure, but the page your link lives on is not going to pass the same value as that site’s homepage. Not even close. This page that your high-quality, tier-one link lives on needs to be supported with tier-two backlinks to increase the authority and PR of this individual page.

What else should I know about tiered linking?

You should know how to properly identify a high-quality backlink, so that you know exactly which ones to build tier-two links to. You can’t simply rely on PR, site authority and link profiles when identifying a high-quality backlink because that doesn’t give you any indication as to how much of that link juice is being passed on to your site. You must take in to consideration link dilution when auditing your link profile for high-quality links.

Okay, so what is link dilution?

Link dilution is the negative effect other outbound links have on your tier-one properties. Each page on the Web shares link juice with all outbound links, unless of course there is the no follow attribute, so the more outbound links a page has the less link juice is passed with every link.

Let’s say you acquire a PR 6 comment link and there are 99 others on the page. This page has a 99% link dilution assuming there were no outbound links in the post or sidebar. Now let’s say this site owner disabled comments, but provided you a link from within the content on their PR 6 blog. This would be 0% link dilution and all link juice will be passed on to your site. You will want to support the latter with tier-two links, but not the former in this case as it is not truly a high-quality link.

Properly executed tiered linking can help you reap the benefits of top rankings in the SERPs. A tiered-linking campaign that is not properly executed can cause a site owner to waste precious time and resources with zero results.

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