The Benefit of Video SEO

The Benefit of Video SEO

What does a Google search for “dentist,” “Viagra” and “make money online” all have in common? All of these highly competitive keywords have a YouTube video ranking in the top ten the day this blog post was added.

Google estimates that there are over two-trillion pages competing for the keyword, “make money online.” The top listing is a highly-targeted page on the “entrepreneurs” subdomain on This single page, not the entire domain, has 102,356 backlinks alone. In short, you’re not going to rank your site for “make money online” for any extended period of time without investing years into building the authority of your site through the use of content and backlinks.

Video SEO (VSEO) can be a brand’s solution to quickly rank for keyword terms that would otherwise be inaccessible to a site that isn’t a powerhouse. The video mentioned above that is ranking for “make money online” isn’t one that has enjoyed years of optimization. Neither does it have the views or likes to rival a One Direction music video. This video was uploaded to Google on February 6, 2012, and has only accumulated a mere 24,473 views and 331 likes. There are only 29 backlinks pointing to this specific video too.

Which of these seem more feasible?

OPTION 1: Accumulating over 100,000 backlinks and sending your domain through a time machine to increase your domain age.
OPTION 2: Launching a video that needs a well-optimized title and description, a few thousand views, and a handful of likes and backlinks.

Accelerate recommends OPTION 2. Work smarter, not harder.

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