The ABC’S of SEO

The ABC’S of SEO

There are millions of signals that every website on the Web sends to search engines to determine their ranking positions in the SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). The below will provide you with a general understanding of these rank-influencing signals by breaking down SEO into three categories: architecture, backlinks and content.

While a complete compartmentalization of SEO is impossible, almost every activity a webmaster, business owner or digital/SEO expert can execute to influence rankings will fall into one of the aforementioned categories. This leads us to what we’ve aptly dubbed the “ABCs of SEO.”


We’d love to say that Google and the other search engines have the resources to manually check every website on the Web for quality of content and relevancy to a search query, but that simply isn’t the case. Search engines are reliant on an algorithm to determine these rankings based on information they collect, or index, on their servers. The search engines use crawlers, often referred to as spiders, to index information from across the Web. If a brand’s website content cannot be easily read, or indexed, by the search engines it will miss out on the qualified traffic and sales that are awarded to websites with top rankings in the SERPs.


Having links on other sites, which point back to a brand’s site is arguably the most influential ranking factor. Backlinks are a search engine’s primary way of determining what third-party sources are saying about the site. The more influential, or authoritative, that third-party source is the more valuable that backlink becomes. A single backlink from an authoritative site can have greater value than thousands of backlinks from low quality sites. A brand can spend budget on a terrific website design and content, but if the site’s backlink profile falls below that of the SEO competition, it will fail to receive the value of top placement in the SERPs for competitive keywords.


A brand’s website content is the one chance to tell the search engines what the website is about. The architecture improvements and backlinks will present little value if there is no category-specific content to help the search engines classify the website. Without providing relevant content about a brand’s niche, there is little possibility that the target audience will find you in the SERPs.

Websites currently enjoying the spoils of top rankings in the SERPs have optimized their sites’ architecture, backlinks and content. Contact Accelerate today to learn how our SEO experts can help your website capture more qualified traffic, leads and ultimately sales by implementing the ABCs of SEO.

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