Targeting Options on GDN

Targeting Options on GDN

As we discussed in yesterday’s blog post, Google has created a new contextual engine that matches ads to pages based on keywords in the Google Display Network. There are several other targeting options that are housed in the Display Network Tab such as placements, topics and interest categories.

In order to see how these options work together, there is a new visualization tool that shows the reach of each type of targeting across your display campaigns. As you can see in the screen capture below, you can change your targeting by entering keywords, placements, topics and interest categories. The shaded area indicates potential reach according to your targeting settings. In most cases, you would create separate campaigns for each of these targeting options to better optimize your campaigns.


These changes help Accelerate Online Marketing better target and optimize display campaigns. Now Display works more like Paid Search, and we believe these changes will help you deliver more relevant ads across the Google Display Network.

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