Taking Advantage of Automated Rules

Taking Advantage of Automated Rules

Are you taking full advantage of automated rules?


If you are not utilizing automated rules in AdWords you should be. We all know that managing large accounts in Adwords takes a lot of work and can get very tedious. Google’s Automated rules offer a plethora rules that you can set and limit your hands on management. It’s kind of like having an assistant that does everything you tell them exactly when you tell them to do it.


In the AdWord’s help center they have a great article about common ways to use automated rules. I suggest reading through all of them as you may find opportunities to let Google take certain tasks off your plate and increase your bandwidth.


I’m going to talk about a few specific automated rules and how they’ve helped me with specific accounts.

Turning on/off special ads for a promotional event. This past weekend was the Super Bowl and I have a client that is a Dallas based Pizza chain, so as you can imagine they ran some special promotions. The promotion was only valid during the second half of the game and ended as soon as the game ended. As you can imagine I did not want to have to login to AdWords during the Super Bowl and turn these ads off. So I set an automated rule to Enable all my ads containing “Game Day” at a specific time. Then I set another rule to pause the same ads at the end of the game. Then I just kicked back and enjoyed the Super Bowl in my Brother in law’s media room.

Turning on/off several special ads on a repeating basis. That same client runs a promotion every Sunday. So I have a rule set up to run “Spicy Sunday” ads on Sunday morning and the frequency set to weekly. I then set up a similar rule to pause those same ads Sunday night every week.

Changing bids to get to a desired average position. This is the rule I adopted right away when Google first offered automated rules. We used to be able to set a position preference and let Google adjust bids to get our ads in our target position. Automated rules take that capability even further. You can set rules to bid up or bid down in order to keep your average position right where you want it. But you can also set rules keep your bids on the first page, or to keep your ads in a “top of page” position.

Pausing low-performing ads or keywords. This is an awesome tool that saves a ton of time and energy. I can set rules to pause keywords with low CTR, Conversion rate, or high cost per conversion. This saves me from having to download spreadsheets and analyze results with pivot tables and conditional formatting. The automated rules just do it for me.


In short, automated rules are a great tool to save you time and effort, I’ve only mentioned a few of the rules available. I really suggest you read the help center article that outlines more of the available rules in detail. I’d also love some feedback on how you use automated rules, please leave comments and let me know how they have made your life easier.


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