Why Does My Website Need Social Media Engagement?

It’s possible you have more knowledge about social media than you know.  You likely have a Facebook page, LinkedIn, and/or a Twitter account. Perhaps you are on Google+ or whatever else is the hot social media flavor of the month, and undoubtedly, you have watched videos on YouTube or Vevo. That said, being an unpremeditated [...]


Online Brand Reputation Management

Positive buzz surrounding a brand that is compelling and shareable can gain online momentum at an unprecedented rate. Numerous brands have strived to create this buzz with varying levels of success through brand-generated "viral" content: promotions, videos, stories, pictures or games. This positive buzz can increase a brand's reach, sentiment, engagement and ultimately revenue. On [...]


The Benefit of Video SEO

What does a Google search for "dentist," "Viagra" and "make money online" all have in common? All of these highly competitive keywords have a YouTube video ranking in the top ten the day this blog post was added. Google estimates that there are over two-trillion pages competing for the keyword, "make money online." The top [...]


Introducing Cinsay: A Way to Sell Your Products Through Video

Video eCommerce is one of the fastest growing  and most effective forms of direct advertisement on the web today. This is why Accelerate would love to introduce you to the Cinsay Smart Container™ that takes video marketing to the next level. The new Smart Container™ video player from Cinsay is a revolutionary tool that gives [...]


Five Essential Steps for Mastering SEO Keyword Selection

Keyword selection is an art. An effective keyword selection process is a series of data-driven and well-informed choices based on a number of qualifiers. This job requires a fine balance between statistical analysis and language, which is a challenge - considering the right brain - left brain divide.   Some of the primary purposes of [...]


Social Marketing Strategies to Generate Traffic

Social Marketing is THE next big thing to bring businesses and customers together. We believe that Social Marketing is the next frontier. The best part of using Social Marketing to communicate with your customers is that by creating that sense of community and answering your customers questions about your products or service, you can realize [...]

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