Organic Search Listing Dominance: SEO Done Right

Below is a screen shot of Google's search results for the keywords "Porsche Dallas". When most people think of dominating search results, reaching the top position is sufficient to qualify for dominance. But, how about dominating every bit of the organic results well-below the first page fold? Yes: there are other Porsche dealerships in Dallas [...]


New Look for Sitelinks: Sitelink Arrows

While doing competitor research, we noticed that Google is now featuring a little arrow next to the sitelinks in both organic and paid versions. If you're wondering what sitelinks are, at least from a paid search stand point, we have a ton of blog articles; some explain what sitelinks are, others give you success stories and some show [...]


Track AdWords Sitelinks: Use Google Analytics to Find User Engagement and Conversions with Your Sitelinks

When Google first introduced sitelinks in 2009 (yes, they’ve been around for that long!) every specialist and analyst saw the value in having these in every possible ad, but everyone had the same question: why can’t I see individual sitelink clicks? While the sitelinks are a huge success in taking up more real estate and increasing CTR there’s a [...]


Sitelinks Segmented By Click Type

Why do ads with Sitelinks have better Click through rates?   Back in April I wrote a blog about ad extensions and Sitelinks in particular. I showed that across 13 different accounts, on average ads have a 150% higher click through rate when Sitelinks are displayed. But there was no way of telling if the increased CTR [...]


Maximize Your AdWords Real Estate With Ad Extensions

In the past year, Google has been providing AdWords advertisers the opportunity to expand their presence beyond the standard 4-line ad. While each extension has its own specific benefits, they all allow the advertiser to expand their “real estate” on the search result page. The extra emphasis not only boosts your brand, it gives you [...]


Embedded Sitelinks

In my last blog I talked about sitelinks and the effect that they’ve been having on our Pay Per Click ads for the past 2 years. We’ve known for years that there is a lot of noise to cut through when it comes to search engine marketing. Using sitelinks is one way to differentiate your ads from [...]


Sitelink Success Story

When it comes to writing PPC ads, it’s no secret that is crucial to do everything you can to set your ads apart from the competition. There are some ad writing best practices that we’ve all been implementing for years such as, intercapitalization, strong calls to action, strategic punctuation, using keywords in ad text and [...]

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