Local Digital Tactics That Increase Your Visibility

Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase Your Website’s Visibility Locally SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) used to be a buzzword that only large corporations could afford to fully understand. Today, more and more local businesses are focusing on SEO to build value at a local level, send the right signals to search engines, and drive more [...]


Managing Mobile Sites

Mobile Sites   Search engine optimization, known as SEO, denotes guidelines that enhance a website’s ability to respond to search engines.  Many of the same techniques used for desktop SEO apply to mobile websites, however, there are some considerations to ruminate when working towards mobile SEO.  One of the most important notions to recognize is [...]


Google AdWords Results Now Displaying a 0 Reviews Link

Recently Google began displaying a 0 reviews link below several of the ads displayed on particular SERPs.   The problems with these links is that they presently point to a URL, which directs users to a Google search page with a pre-populated search form, using the keywords that were initially searched for. There's also sometimes [...]

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