ROI for Restaurant Brands with Social Media Marketing

Owners of a local pizza franchise present DFW Humane Society with proceeds from their social media campaign. Have you ever thought about leveraging social media marketing for your restaurant? 
It’s a common problem – restaurants want to be engaging with their clientele; they want to use social media marketing tools to get more patrons walking [...]


Local Digital Marketing Tactics That Improve R.O.I.

Take it from Accelerate’s team of digital catalysts – our business is R.O.I. for our clients. Today, the ever-increasing numbers of local businesses are marketing their products and services through PPC (pay per click) advertisements. Managing an effective local PPC campaign can be a difficult task for smaller local businesses, especially when working within a [...]


Mobile App Ad Extension

Yet again there is a new Ad Extension in Google Adwords that makes paid ads more versatile. The new mobile app extension allows companies that advertise on Android and iOS mobile devices to offer their app for download within the paid ad. When we searched for “restaurants” in Google on a phone, we saw this [...]


Accelerate Selected to Speak at #SMCDALLAS Tonight

Accelerate's very own, Jeff Schick, was selected as a featured speaker at tonight's 2nd Annual Social Media Showcase hosted by The Social Media Club of Dallas. SETUP i Fratelli, a DFW-based pizza brand, was preparing to celebrate their 25th anniversary in July 2012. During those 25 years, the brand made contributions, both financial and in-kind. [...]


Match Type and Quality Score

Adwords keyword matching options has evolved many times in the past year, and leveraging these changes is a constant challenge for most. However, Accelerate Online Marketing stays on top of the most recent changes to ensure our clients yield the greatest return possible. AdWords offers five options for match type: • Broad • Modified Broad [...]


Optimizing Accounts For Optimal Quality Score

Quality score separates the mediocre accounts from the great accounts. Great accounts make everyone happy: the client, who is seeing increased ROI in every report that they receive, and the agency who manages the account, as they are then rewarded with a bigger paid search budget to continually improve that ROI and gather those conversions, [...]


Trust The Data

One of the biggest benefits of PPC advertising is the immediacy of results. Unlike most traditional mediums, a PPC campaign will tell you right away what is producing and what is not. As advertisers it is easy for us to let  our egos get in the way of results. For example if I come up [...]


Enhanced CPC vs. Manual Bidding CPC

Currently Google has a ton of bidding options for paid search, some of them include: Manual CPC Automatic bidding Enhanced CPC Max CPA Target CPA Typically, as an agency, we tend to lean towards using CPA because we have found that across all types of different verticals and business models CPA has the best ROI. [...]


Leveraging The Display Network To Increase ROI

Paid Search Case Study On Leveraging The Display Network To Increase ROI Last month we took on a new client who had been handling their own PPC account for a few years. The main goal of the paid search account is to drive white paper downloads from their website. When I met with the client [...]

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