Digital Marketing Made Easy for Today’s SMB’s

Take a journey into the digital landscape five years ago. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) were in the dark ages when it came to using search, social or even having an online presence. Five years later, it seems as if online search is the only way consumers are searching for local businesses. Has your small [...]


Local Digital Marketing Tactics That Improve R.O.I.

Take it from Accelerate’s team of digital catalysts – our business is R.O.I. for our clients. Today, the ever-increasing numbers of local businesses are marketing their products and services through PPC (pay per click) advertisements. Managing an effective local PPC campaign can be a difficult task for smaller local businesses, especially when working within a [...]


Managing Mobile Sites

Mobile Sites   Search engine optimization, known as SEO, denotes guidelines that enhance a website’s ability to respond to search engines.  Many of the same techniques used for desktop SEO apply to mobile websites, however, there are some considerations to ruminate when working towards mobile SEO.  One of the most important notions to recognize is [...]


Mobile App Ad Extension

Yet again there is a new Ad Extension in Google Adwords that makes paid ads more versatile. The new mobile app extension allows companies that advertise on Android and iOS mobile devices to offer their app for download within the paid ad. When we searched for “restaurants” in Google on a phone, we saw this [...]


Mobile SEO Best Practices

Mobile SEO is a highly debated topic with many disputing opinions and best practice recommendations. This is a result of the frequent and ongoing changes concerning the mobile technology industry's software and hardware development. One fact that cannot be disputed is the importance of mobile SEO. According to Google Mobile Ads Blog "74% of smartphone [...]


New Facebook Plugin Makes Blogging more Social

Any serious Wordpress blogger who isn’t integrating with Facebook are putting themselves, and their site, at a huge disadvantage. As of May 2012, Facebook has over 900 million active users, more than half of them using Facebook on a mobile device. And with WordPress powering more than 16% of the web, integration makes quite a [...]


Increasing Transparency in Mobile Quality Score

In April 2012, Google announced that they were increasing transparency in quality score (QS). Increased transparency is always good news. As searches performed on mobile phones continue to increase every day we welcome any insights into how we can maximize effectiveness and profitability in our mobile campaigns. If we can increase quality scores, we can [...]


Tips for a Better Mobile Performance

Yes, mobile searches are increasing daily. Yes, everyone is focused on mobile. Therefore, a sound mobile strategy is crucial when trying to reach your consumer. Of all Internet traffic, 10% is now represented from Mobile traffic. On top of that, time spent on mobile devices are growing as well. Although both computer and mobile interaction [...]


Adopt Mobile or Else…

Mobile devices are becoming faster, smaller, affordable and ultimately more ubiquitous. With this increased adoption rate, mobile marketing will inevitably be required in a brand's media mix to stay relevant. If you're still skeptical of integrating mobile into your mix, take a look at these insights below. With a significant increase in smartphone and tablet [...]

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