Geo Location Keyword Expansion Case Study

There is a delicate balance between optimizing for performance and creating a beast of an account that is impractical to manage on a daily basis. In a recent test, we put this ying and yang to the test with a large account expansion to increase relevancy, quality scores and conversions. The Situation Our client sells [...]


Mobile App Ad Extension

Yet again there is a new Ad Extension in Google Adwords that makes paid ads more versatile. The new mobile app extension allows companies that advertise on Android and iOS mobile devices to offer their app for download within the paid ad. When we searched for “restaurants” in Google on a phone, we saw this [...]


Effective Paid Search Ad Copy Testing

When Google came out with their optimize for clicks/conversions ad rotation option, it was a great alternate to manual, lengthy ad copy testing. At Accelerate, we are maniacal about reporting; ergo, we decided to take an in-depth look into this. While there are many other variables when looking at this, we took a crude example [...]


Increasing Transparency in Mobile Quality Score

In April 2012, Google announced that they were increasing transparency in quality score (QS). Increased transparency is always good news. As searches performed on mobile phones continue to increase every day we welcome any insights into how we can maximize effectiveness and profitability in our mobile campaigns. If we can increase quality scores, we can [...]


Match Type and Quality Score

Adwords keyword matching options has evolved many times in the past year, and leveraging these changes is a constant challenge for most. However, Accelerate Online Marketing stays on top of the most recent changes to ensure our clients yield the greatest return possible. AdWords offers five options for match type: • Broad • Modified Broad [...]


AdWords Match Type Changes

Good Change For Advertisers? Accelerate likes to stay up to date on all of the changes Google is constantly making in AdWords and sometimes we get excited about these changes, but unfortunately this is not one of those times.  AdWords is a money making machine for Google and sometimes we feel these improvements are only [...]


New Look for Sitelinks: Sitelink Arrows

While doing competitor research, we noticed that Google is now featuring a little arrow next to the sitelinks in both organic and paid versions. If you're wondering what sitelinks are, at least from a paid search stand point, we have a ton of blog articles; some explain what sitelinks are, others give you success stories and some show [...]


Taking Advantage of Automated Rules

Are you taking full advantage of automated rules?   If you are not utilizing automated rules in AdWords you should be. We all know that managing large accounts in Adwords takes a lot of work and can get very tedious. Google’s Automated rules offer a plethora rules that you can set and limit your hands [...]


Five Essential Steps for Mastering SEO Keyword Selection

Keyword selection is an art. An effective keyword selection process is a series of data-driven and well-informed choices based on a number of qualifiers. This job requires a fine balance between statistical analysis and language, which is a challenge - considering the right brain - left brain divide.   Some of the primary purposes of [...]

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