Case Study

Leveraging The Display Network To Increase ROI

Paid Search Case Study On Leveraging The Display Network To Increase ROI Last month we took on a new client who had been handling their own PPC account for a few years. The main goal of the paid search account is to drive white paper downloads from their website. When I met with the client [...]


Broad Match Modifier Case Study

Broad Match Modifier Success Story Last month we gave an update on Google's newest match type, the modified broad match. Michael already explained what this newest match type means in his post Google Broad Match Modifier. He also said we would be testing it and sharing our results. I have indeed tested it and am excited [...]


Google Remarketing Case Study | Accelerate Online Marketing

How to Implement Google’s Remarketing We were an early participant in Google’s “Remarketing Program” which is what we have always called “Retargeting”. The following is a case study showing the effects of this new program, which is now available to all Google AdWords advertisers as well as a step by step how to implement in [...]


Video Mouseover and Playback Reporting Now Available

We've written about a new reporting metric available in AdWords called View Through Conversions - VTC. A great and compelling metric to help measure the TRUE performance of your display ads on Google's Content Network. Now Google has added MORE compelling metrics for Video's that run on their content network. In additon to View Through Conversions, the [...]


View Through Conversions – Banner Advertising (Display Advertising) – A Case Study by Accelerate Online Marketing, LP

Google does it again! Introducing View Through Conversions for display ads on the Google Content Network. What is a View-through conversion & why should I care? Before we can define what a View-Through Conversion is, we should first start by defining the old Click-Through Conversion. Click-Through Conversions Defined It’s typical for a banner ad to [...]

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