Interest Targeting on the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network (GDN) has greatly evolved over the past few years.  With the evolution came new targeting categories.  Gone are the days of contextual targeting only.  Google now provides several targeting options: contextual, placement, topic, interest and remarketing.  In addition, any of their targeting options can be combined for truly powerful display campaigns.   [...]


Brand Lift Benefits From Remarketing

It's no secret: Accelerate Online Marketing preaches remarketing in conjunction with Google AdWords.  Remarketing is a great way for businesses who have found success in the search space to dip their toe in display; it's low risk, boosts brand searches and increases site engagement.   Low Risk Remarketing is considered a low risk display option [...]


Search Retargeting & How It Can Help Your Business

How do you reach customers when they don't know your name? Display branding campaigns are expensive and not always right for small to medium businesses.  Accelerate Online Marketing has the solution for you: search retargeting. Search retargeting is relatively new in the display space.  It's different from contextual or topic targeting, which can sometimes be [...]


Best Practices For Remarketing Banners

At Accelerate Online Marketing, we preach the value of site remarketing.  For most of our clients, this is done on a cost-per-click basis through Google AdWords.  To learn more on remarketing, go here. Once you are ready to remarket to your site visitors, you'll need to create relevant banners.  One question we get across the board [...]


Leveraging The Display Network To Increase ROI

Paid Search Case Study On Leveraging The Display Network To Increase ROI Last month we took on a new client who had been handling their own PPC account for a few years. The main goal of the paid search account is to drive white paper downloads from their website. When I met with the client [...]


Google Remarketing Case Study | Accelerate Online Marketing

How to Implement Google’s Remarketing We were an early participant in Google’s “Remarketing Program” which is what we have always called “Retargeting”. The following is a case study showing the effects of this new program, which is now available to all Google AdWords advertisers as well as a step by step how to implement in [...]