Digital Marketing Made Easy for Today’s SMB’s

Take a journey into the digital landscape five years ago. Small to medium-sized businesses (SMB’s) were in the dark ages when it came to using search, social or even having an online presence. Five years later, it seems as if online search is the only way consumers are searching for local businesses. Has your small [...]


Segmented Impression Share and How To Use It

If you haven’t checked the available AdWords column options lately, you may have missed Google rolling out segmented Impression Share.  Impression Share (IS) is your delivered impressions divided by the number of times your impression was eligible to display.  Previously IS encompassed both search and display data.  If you run combined search and display campaigns, [...]


AdWords and adCenter Bid Adjustment Strategies

At some points while optimizing an account you must think slightly outside the box in order to try and maximize your return.  One way of doing this is by utilizing bid adjustments and custom scheduling.  This strategy can give you an option to ad schedule and only run your ads during specific times and adjust [...]


Geo Location Keyword Expansion Case Study

There is a delicate balance between optimizing for performance and creating a beast of an account that is impractical to manage on a daily basis. In a recent test, we put this ying and yang to the test with a large account expansion to increase relevancy, quality scores and conversions. The Situation Our client sells [...]


Interest Targeting on the Google Display Network

The Google Display Network (GDN) has greatly evolved over the past few years.  With the evolution came new targeting categories.  Gone are the days of contextual targeting only.  Google now provides several targeting options: contextual, placement, topic, interest and remarketing.  In addition, any of their targeting options can be combined for truly powerful display campaigns.   [...]


Tracking Events as Goals in Google Analytics

What are Events? Google Analytics uses it standard tracking code to capture a number of things when a page loads.  This is how we get our great data like bounce rate, exit rate, time on site, etc.  What about the useful things that don’t happen when a page loads?  These could be but are not [...]


Mobile App Ad Extension

Yet again there is a new Ad Extension in Google Adwords that makes paid ads more versatile. The new mobile app extension allows companies that advertise on Android and iOS mobile devices to offer their app for download within the paid ad. When we searched for “restaurants” in Google on a phone, we saw this [...]


Mobile SEO Best Practices

Mobile SEO is a highly debated topic with many disputing opinions and best practice recommendations. This is a result of the frequent and ongoing changes concerning the mobile technology industry's software and hardware development. One fact that cannot be disputed is the importance of mobile SEO. According to Google Mobile Ads Blog "74% of smartphone [...]

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