ROI for Restaurant Brands with Social Media Marketing

ROI for Restaurant Brands with Social Media Marketing

Owners of a local pizza franchise present DFW Humane Society with proceeds from their social media campaign.

Have you ever thought about leveraging social media marketing for your restaurant? 
It’s a common problem – restaurants want to be engaging with their clientele; they want to use social media marketing tools to get more patrons walking through their doors – but they just don’t know how. Adding social media marketing to the mix can increase awareness about your restaurant, generate motivated engagement with your food, and get you more customers in your door.

In remaining true to being a Catalyst for our Client’s businesses, our digital experts at Accelerate have a process in approaching social media marketing to ensure we bring the most value. Take one of our restaurant social media marketing clientele, for instance. A local favorite pizza brand was celebrating their 25th anniversary and looking to garner attention across social media to increase awareness and local advocacy. After first evaluating the brand’s current existence on social media, we were able to see that the public was not aware of their reputation for giving to the community for one specific reason – it was all done offline.

To provide context, there was a significant lack of funding for non-profit organizations and charities due to state budget cuts. This placed increased pressure on the community to get involved and keep these charitable organizations going.

In taking the next step to formulate a social media brand reputation management plan; Accelerate’s course of action would be to help the local pizza brand make a name for itself online for its charitable reputation. We created a social media community fundraiser on behalf of our local pizza brand client called “Pizza DoughNation.” The program allowed those who followed the pizza brand on social media to nominate their favorite non-profits and charities to receive 15% of total sales on any given day when any customer mentioned that charity with their order. The twist – social media “code words” were seeded and to be used during the ordering process so that the brand would know their sales and donations were coming as a direct result of our restaurant social media campaign.

In remaining true to being a Catalyst for this pizza brand’s business, the last step was to measure our success on impact of pizza sales and impact on how the client was able to implement a sustainable community-giving program on social media. The campaign resulted in a sustainable ROI for the client’s social media investment, as well as an impact on their community giving efforts:

  • 86% of all organic traffic to the brand’s blog originated from social media
  • Facebook and Twitter follower growth increased 32%
  • The brand’s RT (retweet) rate went from 0 to 19.5% strictly from followers spreading word about “Pizza DoughNation”
  • For the first year of the campaign, the client’s ROI doubled their investment on Accelerate’s social media services

How’s your social media ROI? Here’s a better question, perhaps: how are you measuring it? While platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be used effectively to drive orders and boost sales, your efforts are perhaps better measured in different metrics, such as growth of community, brand awareness and website footfall, certainly in the early stages of your strategy. Ultimately, of course (and however), it’s social media’s impact on your bottom line that will determine your success or failure.

Social media is just one facet of Accelerate Online Marketing’s integrated marketing approach. If you’d like to learn more about how Accelerate can enhance your visibility and performance across your Paid, Owned and Earned digital media, visit us here for a free consultation.









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