How Social Media Impacts Lives

How Social Media Impacts Lives


By Madison Nowak

I am one of those types of individual who over thinks a situation or worries until I feel just about ready to explode. I try to focus that energy into my passion which is theater, my outlet, just like many others have their own. Although, I may be fully aware as a person of what is going on, and how I am always trying to make a situation or moment the best it can be, I still get overwhelmed, at that point I use theater. Although, social media has always been something I can’t control, something I can’t use theater to escape from.

Social media and the internet are remarkable, without them I would not be able to easily research topics for school, find new clothes or products, or have the social media sites like Facebook to keep in touch with others. I wish to say that my experiences with the internet and social media are all positive, but that would not be completely true. The internet is full of lies as much as there is truth, nothing is certain. As for social media, it falls into the hands of too many people who should not have it.
I have witnessed social media rip people down the same way it lifts them up. An example, a very good friend of mine got out of a relationship, no break up is pretty. Instead of being able to avoid him and move on, her ex was on Facebook, always talking bad about her, talking about new girls and posting pictures of parties and women and how much better his life is without her. Most people think or say “those things he said do not intend to hurt her”, or “why did she not delete him”, although if you think hard, you know it is not that easy this day in age. My friend became depressed, she felt worthless. She saw the things he said, the comments his friends made such as “you don’t need her”, “I am happy to have you back dude”, or “she wasn’t that hot”. Those are the same people she felt were her friends. That was where she lost it, she felt alone and put down. My friend resorted to cutting herself, she stopped eating to feel beautiful and she became depressed. Luckily, she has some great friends and a loving family who was there for her. But I always wonder, how many people does this happen to? How do some of them deal with it alone? How has social media impacted our life so much? The answer for all of those questions are unknown. You constantly hear of those bullied over social media who took their own life or went to school and shot everyone. There is no escaping it.
Overall, social media has not impacted my own life first hand. As I am the person who over thinks something or constantly worries, who wants everything done right and to please everyone. Although somehow, I got lucky and do not let social media bring me down. Sadly, others do because of its impact on society, and they cannot use their outlet or escape like theater to run away from the issues. Social media has impacted me in the way that I have seen  it rip someone down when it should be building people up, I only wish the positive impacts would outweigh the bad and that it would not be a leading cause of hurt this world today experiences.