Social Media App Encourages Volunteerism

Social Media App Encourages Volunteerism

Have you ever wished you could afford to give more time to charity?  With today’s pace, it can be difficult to carve out time for the causes that you are passionate about. We’d like to introduce you to It’s a free app that can turn your good intentions into actionable reality, all at your fingertips. connects charity organizations, local businesses and volunteers in an effort to increase community involvement.  Local do-gooders can select local organizations they want to support and earn points to redeem at local businesses.  While giving back shouldn’t call for a reward, incentivizes consumers to stay engaged. With Social Media’s inherent heightened engagement, aligns with how consumers are using their devices to stay a part of the things that matter most to them.

It’s simple to download, sign in and start volunteering.’s Facebook connection makes it easy to get started.

Know who’s around you participating, and know where you stand in the Causers rank.

If you’re interested in particular types of organizations, allows you to filter your preferences.

Once your preferences are selected, you can browse the local volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer opportunities are split into three groups: Do, Say and Go.  This segmentation allows you to tailor your volunteer experience.  Once enough points have built up, you can redeem your rewards at the participating businesses.  There are no losers when it comes to is currently available in a limited number of cities.  We are eagerly awaiting its arrival in Dallas, TX.  Until then, we will continue volunteering our time and expertise at local charitable organizations.

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