Social SEO: The New Go-To Move for Online Marketing?

Social SEO: The New Go-To Move for Online Marketing?

Why your brand can’t ignore Facebook:

  • 1 out of 5 page views online is on Facebook
  • Over 250 million photos uploaded every day
  • Over 2.7 billion “likes” every day

How These Numbers Affect Your Brand

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the other popular social media platforms are the most influential forms of media on the planet. They are so powerful, that any brand that chooses NOT to partake in social media is slowly going to lose relevance amongst its target audience in the business world. Ironically, this has never been more true for the biggest powerhouse on the Internet, Google.

Think about it…

What has a more influential impact on people’s online shopping behavior? A site ranked first in Google, or a site that has been Tweeted/liked/shared/+1ed 100,000 times. The answer is obviously the latter, because people have DIRECTLY indicated this to be the case! The Internet has become like a presidential race for traffic, and social media decides the winners.

In short, social media is becoming a better way to find relevant content than a simple Google search. Also, keep in mind that Google’s number-one goal is to bring back the most relevant search results. In order to meet this goal, Google and the other search engines HAVE to use social signals as a factor in their search results. If these search engines don’t adjust they will slowly lose their grasp on the Internet as they become more disconnected with what people REALLY want.

Why All of This Matters to Your Brand

This matters to you because Google and the other search engines have ALREADY begun to take social media signs into heavy consideration when determining search results. This means that your ranking positions in Google and the other search engines’ results are directly affected by the social media activity, or “buzz,” surrounding your brand.

But let’s flip it around for a second. Not only will your social media affect your Google rankings, but your Google rankings will ALSO affect your social media.

To put this in perspective, imagine if your brand had a strong social media presence, which in turn makes it show up highly in Google. The traffic you get from Google will THEN add to your social media presence as it interacts with the strong social platform on your site.

The end result is a snowball effect that will take your business to all new levels. Your SEO grows your brand’s social media visibility, and your social media grows your SEO. It is like turning on the “overdrive” button for your business.

The best part is your business will grow exponentially without you even lifting a finger.

However, there is a flip side to this. Not only is SEO and social media less effective when used separately, but they can also negatively affect each other if either is ignored. Your social media cannot grow without SEO, and your SEO will be stunted without social media.

In short, having a disconnect between social media and SEO is like trying to win a fight with one arm. Because of this, it is now more important than ever to make sure your brand’s SEO and social media run in sync with each other.

Contact the digital experts at Accelerate to learn how a combination of our social media and SEO strategies can help your brand achieve your online marketing goals.

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