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Google Traffic : Now For Digital Rockstars Only

As you know, the amount of backlinks pointing to a website directly impacts its rank in Google. However, a brand’s social presence will now be a variable in rank determination.

It Is Already Happening

You know those faces you are seeing in Google next to search results. This is a live example of how Google is currently taking social presence into consideration.

What you are seeing is called Google authorship. It is basically Google+ connecting a person to the content they create. Not only that, Google looks at the brand’s social platforms and everything in between.

Google processes this information and decides where the brand fits.

It Is Scary, Cool, and Confusing All At The Same Time

The cold hard truth is Google is changing rapidly and is making giant strides in ranking sites based on true digital presence” instead of just SEO.

This is the direction SEO will continue to move in. Our recommendation is to have a strong integrated digital presence. Doing so will increase the brand’s authorship, which directly impacts on-site activity.

If you are ready to work with a team of business catalysts (AKA nerds) to create or improve your SEO or Social presence,

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