See How Visitors Interact With Your Site

See How Visitors Interact With Your Site

Bridge The Gap Between Clicks and Conversions


In the world of PPC, many SEMs have the false notion that once I’ve driven traffic to your site my job is done. But it doesn’t do much good to send paid traffic to a site that is not engaging and doesn’t convert. Often times visitors are confused by navigation, the conversion process or just can’t find what they want. In the offline world, that’s equivalent to advertising the grand opening of a store and hiding your inventory in unorganized piles all over the place. In both cases, visitors are going to leave and never come back.


But if your website isn’t converting visitors how can you figure out what the problem is? There are a couple tools I’ve seen and or used recently that give some great insight into user interaction with your website. Inspectlet and Clicktale are both very powerful tools. They provide very similar reporting capabilities, but run off different platforms and have different pricing.


One report they provide is mouse over heat maps of click heat maps on each page of your site so you can see what is catching people’s attention and what is getting lost.


Another report they offer is a recording of each individual visit. So you can watch the screen that each visitor saw, you will see where their mouse moved around the page, how they scrolled and how they navigated from page to page.


These insights are invaluable to a PPC campaign. It tells me what visitors are interested in, and what they are ignoring. That let’s me know how I should be allocating my paid search budget. It also gives me insight into which phrases on the sight should be incorporated into ad copy. Most importantly, if my calls to action are being ignored I definitely need to make some changes. After all, most of us could care less how many people come to our site and read our content and watch our videos. What we care about is how many people come to our site and convert.


We are constantly finding new tools that give us better tracking and better insight into visitors’ interactions with our websites. At Accelerate Online Marketing we continually have our clients in the best position for optimization, data and results. If you would like to have your paid search, SEO or social media in the best position possible, give us a call or contact us for a free account audit today!

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