Search Retargeting & How It Can Help Your Business

Search Retargeting & How It Can Help Your Business

How do you reach customers when they don’t know your name?

Display branding campaigns are expensive and not always right for small to medium businesses.  Accelerate Online Marketing has the solution for you: search retargeting.

Search retargeting is relatively new in the display space.  It’s different from contextual or topic targeting, which can sometimes be a shot in the dark.  Instead of trying to match your banners with words on a page or site categorization, search retargeting uses the customer’s search queries to qualify them for your banners.  The best part about it is customers don’t have to know who you are to see your ads.  Here’s how it works:

  • A customer does a search for a particular keyword.
  • If you are bidding for this keyword in your search retargeting campaign a cookie is dropped in their browser.
  • As the customer searches the web, your banners will be displayed because they typed in your target keyword.
  • Your banners are relevant to the customer because they are actively looking for your services.

Because search retargeting is keyword based, your brand is now in front of customers who didn’t know you before their search.

We’ve heard a lot of comparisons to site retargeting (or remarketing in Google’s lingo).  Search retargeting is different because the customer doesn’t need to visit your site before seeing your banners.

One benefit of search retargeting we’ve seen is a lift in brand-related activity.  After running a search retargeting campaign, one of our clients experienced a 23.38% lift in brand clicks, and 21.21% lift in brand CTR.


If you are interested in a search retargeting campaign, contact Accelerate Online Marketing today!

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