Reputation & Review Management for Law Firms


The Importance of Reputation & Review Management for Attorneys

You might think online reviews are only important when it comes to tangible items (appliances, cars) or trades (electricians, exterminators). Not so. Consider the following data concerning the importance of online reviews for lawyers:

  • 66% of consumers say they’d be more likely to hire an attorney with online reviews.
  • 60% of consumers say they have considered online reviews when choosing a professional service provider, such as a lawyer or doctor. And that number jumps to 71% for Millennials.

Monitor What’s Being Said About You and Your Firm

Do you know the status of your online reputation? You should. Try doing an online search on your name and your firm’s name and look for your reviews. If you find a negative review, don’t ignore it. It’s not going away. Always respond to negative reviews in a positive, professional manner. Be empathetic. It might be tempting to respond with a nasty diatribe, but don’t; you’ll only lend credence to the negative review.

Ask for Online Reviews…from Everybody

This might fall way outside of your comfort zone, but it is important. Ask your clients to review you. The following are the most common sites where attorney online reviews can be found: LinkedIn, Avvo, Yelp, Yahoo, Google, Facebook,,, and If anybody tells you that attorneys don’t ask for reviews, that they’re beneath the legal profession, refer to the aforementioned statistics. Asking for reviews and referrals is part of doing business in the 21st century.

Publicize Positive Reviews

Don’t assume positive reviews will magically fall into the right hands. Let people know your satisfied clients are willing to take the time to share their opinions about your legal expertise and customer service excellence. Put your reviews on your website and link them to online profiles you maintain.

If you have questions about your law firm’s reputation and review management, contact Accelerate Online Marketing (Accelerate). We’re an award-winning digital marketing agency that focuses on law firm marketing. We make digital marketing easy for attorneys.