Predict Seasonality with Google Insights

Predict Seasonality with Google Insights

You may notice that sometimes your impression share will fluctuate from time to time without any change in your number of impressions or clicks. This is because sometimes there are just more or less searches for your keywords. I recently ran an account that was limited by budget for months, and then all of the sudden I could barely get it to spend half of it’s normal budget. This slump lasted for months even though there had been no major changes to the account.


After doing some research on Google Insights I realized that this was normal. Every year for the past few years there is a dip in searches around that time of year and there are big spikes during other times every year. You can see in this example of my client’s account that there are dips in searches every year in May and June. You also see spikes in searches every year in March and April.




This knowledge can give you great insight into how your target demographic operates. It should tell you how to allocate your budget throughout the year. And it tells you when you should make changes to the account. This can also help with forecasting if you need to have merchandise on hand when people order it.


Insights also provides a breakdown of search density geographically. This gives you an idea of which areas have the most interest in your product or service.



Google insights also provides a list of search terms related to the keyword you entered and their respective search volume. It also provides a list of the top rising searches that have seen a big increase in interest recently.


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