Powerful Consulting Tool – The ‘Opportunities’ Tab

Powerful Consulting Tool – The ‘Opportunities’ Tab



Many agencies don’t utilize the ‘Opportunities’ tab nearly to its fullest extent. While some find a portion of the suggestions irrelevant, this tab can be extremely useful as you brainstorm for new keywords and can be used hand in hand with the Contextual Targeting Tool and the Keyword Tool. The best part? It also groups keywords by ad group from the beginning for added ease of use! You simply press, ‘Apply Now’ and the tab automatically adds said keywords to their respective ad groups, no hassle!

The opportunities tab also identifies ad groups in the account that are seeing significant traffic and that the tool deems as capable of more traffic. It will suggest a CPC bid change so as to drive as much relevant traffic to that particular ad group as is possible within the confines of the budget.

At Accelerate I use the ‘Opportunities’ tab heavily for my pro-bono Google Grants accounts. Since we allow broad match within our Google Grants accounts anyway so as to drive as much traffic to their site as possible, I usually utilize most of the added keywords suggestions provided to me by the tab. In so doing, I was able to increase the spend of a pro-bono client from an average of $80 a day to more than $200, just from optimizing ad text and driving more searches through expanded keywords. More clicks, more traffic, more eyes looking at that site- perfect for a pro-bono client who isn’t having to pay for the clicks anyway! All this was done with no CPC bid changes as a Google Grants account can’t go over $1 CPC anyway. While not all suggestions are relevant, I highly recommend the ‘Opportunities’ tab simply as a reference point to grow and optimize accounts. As an agency we filter the opportunities presented so as to drive the most relevant traffic possible, and yet still find the tab useful in many instances.


For more consulting on the ‘Opportunities’ tab or anything AdWords related, call Accelerate Online Marketing at 877-676-2010 or Visit Us Online.

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