Paid Search Results – Austin – acquirgy (formerly SendTec) vs. Accelerate Online Marketing

Paid Search Results – Austin – acquirgy (formerly SendTec) vs. Accelerate Online Marketing

When it comes to Paid Search, and choosing an SEM agency – you should always ask them for some case studies. After all, Paid Search should be about RESULTS. Accelerate Online Marketing, has a maniacal focus on performance. We don’t believe in automated systems to run our paid search accounts. We’ve tried them. They just can’t replace a human’s experience & intuition. So our biggest “wins” have been from paid search accounts we run manually.

We have found solutions that take advantage of some of the “problems” we’ve had with running accounts manually. We now offer “dynamic call tracking” – which gives us keywords that drive phone calls. It also gives us chat functionality (and what keyword drove the chat session). It records the phone calls for training purposes. It has the flexibility to allow us to add fields for Customer Relationship Management. It’s a great tool, and something we HOPE Google will implement one day soon. My favorite aspect (besides tracking phone calls by keyword and source) is the Click Trails. We can see where a client clicked, how long they stayed on a page, and what page prompted them to pick up the phone. Or we just look at the click trail, even if they didn’t pick up the phone. We can score pages, so we can see if Google scores better on these key pages, than Bing or Yahoo or your in house newsletter. All this to say, our call tracking capability combined with our manual focus on running your paid search account has been very succesfull for us.

As an AdWords Qualified Company, and a personally AdWords Qualified Individual – we are always learning the latest & greatest new forms of advertising with Google. We test everything, find what works and then implement those changes.


So I wanted to compare what used to be a TOP SEM Agency (Paid Search Agency) that used an automated system to run 3 of our client’s websites to the Accelerate Online Marketing methodology. Here’s the results.

SendTec – Jan 08 to Oct 08 helped our client get 5,123 “sales” – the value of these sales is $1188, minus the cost of acquisition. They averaged a CPA of $351. So in 10 months they generated $4,017,112 in revenue for their client.

Cut to January 09 – Accelerate Online Marketing took over, and created new accounts for each website that the customer now owns (you know, those automated systems have proprietary set-ups that cannot be transferred. Another downfall of using someone like Reach Local). In the same time period (one year later) – we generated 10,419 “Sales” at $340 each. That’s $7,789,453 in revenue to our client.

Accelerate Grew their revenue by 93% in 10 months. We grew their sales by 103%. But we also, and this is the kicker, LOWERED their cost per sale (CPA) by 3.13%.

How did we do it? We did it by manually running their account.

We become experts in our client’s business. Their success is our success. We eat, sleep, and dream about Paid Search & Search Engine Optimization. It’s the first thing we think of when we wake up and the last thing we think about when we go to bed. We’re geeks that way, and not afraid to admit it.

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