Organic Search Listing Dominance: SEO Done Right

Below is a screen shot of Google’s search results for the keywords “Porsche Dallas”. When most people think of dominating search results, reaching the top position is sufficient to qualify for dominance. But, how about dominating every bit of the organic results well-below the first page fold?

Yes: there are other Porsche dealerships in Dallas Texas, but you wouldn’t know that from the organic search results unless you scroll below the fold in the screen shot included here.

As you will see, this is not only possible to dominate the search results above the fold – it has been done, and expertly so. When Accelerate set out to establish a solid SEO campaign for Park Place a little more than six months ago, we began the process of making the Park Place brand visibility more-expansive with content creation, smarter URL architecture, long-term strategies for incorporating SEO into relevant non-marketing areas of the business, such as aquiring links through partnerhsips as well as a number of other processes and refinements.

We first accomplished this by creating subdomains for each of the dealerships, and as illustrated in the image below, this paid off by increasing the amount of indexed content available for search results. By improving the Park Place link profile, we managed to acquire and authoritative listing with numerous “sitelinks”. This is also true for the subdomain links which have sitelinks as well. In addition, we now have indented double listings for both the main domain and the subdomain.

Overall, this illustrates a truly solid SEO campaign that is paying off for Park Place and is a testament to Accelerate’s ability to optimize for organic search.

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