Optimizing Accounts For Optimal Quality Score

Optimizing Accounts For Optimal Quality Score

Quality score separates the mediocre accounts from the great accounts. Great accounts make everyone happy: the client, who is seeing increased ROI in every report that they receive, and the agency who manages the account, as they are then rewarded with a bigger paid search budget to continually improve that ROI and gather those conversions, and in turn receive a larger commission check every month.

Quality score is computed by a formula that takes into account things such as account history, click-through-rate (CTR), and relevancy to the ads and landing page that those ads take you to. CTR is by far the most important factor when it comes to computing quality score, as it shows that users who type in their search query find the paid search ad relevant enough to spark their interest to click on it. How is an account optimized for CTR? It all comes down to negatives, optimization, and tightly themed ad groups.

At Accelerate, tightly themed ad groups are a rule of thumb. As I have optimized accounts, I’ve been shown what a truly tight campaign looks like. A co-worker recently took an account and broke it into over 100 ad groups. Already we are reaping the benefits for our client, as CTR increased 1 percent overall after the implementation of micro ad groups. Also, the impression share went up from 44.06% to 53.95%, a huge leap. These tightly themed ad groups ensure that the ad copy that the user views is very relevant to the keywords within that ad group, and also allows for the manager of the account to input negatives so as to specifically target certain keywords and extremely close variations of said keywords.

Optimization is basically the practice of pausing ad groups and keywords that aren’t performing up to standards, choosing dominant ads that users have been proved to click on more, and doing deep keyword searches for relevant keywords for each ad group, as well as a search query report that shows what users have been searching for, and in turn which keywords to include as negatives so as to not show up for them again. Negatives come about as a result of optimization rounds.

Tightly themed ad groups, negatives, and optimization will lead to a better CTR, which will increase quality score, which will lower the average cost-per-click, resulting in more clicks for less money. It is in the best interest of anyone managing a paid search client to implement these three simple steps for optimal results.


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