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Have you tried Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Paid Search before and it didn’t work? Unfortunately, the online marketing industry is plagued with some unscrupulous companies that are causing problems for many of the reputable firms. If you are working with a company that will implement SEO for $500 per month, you may want to read this Forbes magazine article that warns against that type of firm. No one can do SEO well at $500 per month. It’s simply not possible. Similarly, paid search is difficult with very low budgets. For example, take a $500 budget and divide it by 30 days, that’s $16-$17 per day. In many industries that’s one click and in others, it’s 3-5 clicks. Your site would need to have a very high click through rate as well as a high conversion rate once the customer contacted you, to make such a low budget work.

SEO Done Right!

At Accelerate Online Marketing we take a holistic approach to SEO. Not only do we work on the architecture, content and inbound links for your website, we make sure you have a solid Google My Business in place (formerly Google Places and before that Google Plus). With the integration of maps into the listings, making sure your SEO service includes Google My Business listing is critical.

Paid Search with Business Consulting!

Our paid search efforts include phone call tracking – we actually listen to your phone calls and offer you business consulting on how to improve your processes. It is astounding to see how many customers’ calls go directly to voicemail. Customers who get transferred into voicemail simply go to the next listing and will engage with the company that answers the call.

We also support paid search with banner advertising because people don’t just search, click and buy. They search, click, research and often get distracted and leave your site. By implementing a remarketing campaign with paid search, potential customers will see your banner ads every time they get back online, regardless of what site they are on. And, your company only gets charged when the customer clicks on the banner. This helps your company’s brand stay on top of the customers’ mind throughout the buying and purchasing process.

At Accelerate Online Marketing, our competitive differentiator is that we provide you with business consulting to ensure that not only are you getting impressions and clicks, but also that you convert the lead into a paying customer.

If you would like to implement a successful SEO and Paid Search effort with the support of experienced and strategic business consultants, contact us today!

Accelerate Online Marketing, LP


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