Accelerate Helps LBGT Teens Connect with Youth First Texas Through Google Grants

Accelerate Helps LBGT Teens Connect with Youth First Texas Through Google Grants

There is an array of groups that work to support the gay community – PFLAG, Human Rights Campaign and GLAAD to name a few.  However, these organizations do not focus all of their time and effort on teens.  Youth First Texas was born out of a specific need – Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) teens from the North Texas community were in need of social services.

Unfortunately, not all LGBT teens are welcome in their homes.  With an estimated 50,000 LGBT youth in the DFW metroplex, Youth First Texas identified an under-serviced niche and designed their program to reach as many of them as possible.  Youth First Texas strives to let all LGBT teens know they are not alone, and should not have to live in isolation and fear.

Youth First Texas sets itself apart from other social service agencies by striving to be youth-run and youth-led.  This empowers teens by allowing them to be involved in the direction of the organization.  By providing leadership opportunities, Youth First Texas is encouraging healthy, productive members of society.

Through Accelerate’s Google Grant account management, we donate our time and expertise to help Youth First Texas advertise their message.  If teens in need search for keywords such as “gay teen counseling,” “lgbt support group” or “coming out to parents” Youth First Texas ad is eligible to display.  These ads relay the message of counseling, support groups and other social services provided by Youth First Texas.

To learn more about Youth First Texas, and how you can get involved, visit

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