Accelerate Expands Digital Strategy Research Toolkit with Addition of Forrester’s Technographics

In remaining true to being a Catalyst for our Clients’ businesses, Accelerate Online Marketing added Forrester’s Technographics to the agency’s portfolio of digital strategy research tools. This database represents the longest digital consumer study since 1997, and provides our teams with fine-tuned quantitative insights that will help us deliver stronger consumer profiling and enhanced targeting for our Clients.

Forrester’s database features US and Canadian surveys fielded each quarter that cover multiple topics, providing deeper access into vertical- and geo-specific consumer behaviors. These include product ownership, demographics, profession, psychographics, attitudes, preferences and usage across device and channel. When used in conjunction with other data sets from analytic and monitoring platforms, we can identify new markets, segments and marketing strategies.

Prior to adding Technographics, our past approach included uncovering our primary data to develop and apply a series of tests across multiple targeting options. From these tests, we would determine regular optimization strategies that enhance the efficiencies of digital media spend. Forrester’s enhanced targeting now allows us to be better consultants on the direction of our Client’s digital marketing investments. With Technographics, we still apply the same tests as before. However, we now don’t need to rely on our Client’s primary data to get started. With access to these powerful secondary insights, we can make more data- and insight-based decisions right from the beginning.

The investment in this data will fuel multiple agency disciplines in Strategy, Media Planning/Buying, Lead Management, Interactive Design, Development and Analytics.  The agency’s first implementation is currently underway and guiding the direction of projects ranging from digital and social media strategy development, consumer segmentation profiling, content marketing and display campaigns.

We are excited to add this capability to the agency portfolio, and believe it will help our entire client portfolio perform better and gain greater market share.

If you have any questions about Forrester’s Technographics or our portfolio of other research tools, please share them with us in the below comments section. To join the conversation with us on social, be sure to Like Accelerate on Facebook, Follow Accelerate on Twitter, or connect with Accelerate on LinkedIn.

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