Online Brand Reputation Management

Online Brand Reputation Management

Positive buzz surrounding a brand that is compelling and shareable can gain online momentum at an unprecedented rate. Numerous brands have strived to create this buzz with varying levels of success through brand-generated “viral” content: promotions, videos, stories, pictures or games. This positive buzz can increase a brand’s reach, sentiment, engagement and ultimately revenue.

On the other side, what happens when there’s negative consumer-generated content that is equally, if not more, compelling and shareable? Is a brand defenseless against the onslaught of negative attention?

Absolutely not.

At Accelerate Online Marketing our digital experts are experienced in online brand reputation management as well as negative content mitigation.

One of our well-known and influential community-facing clients in an industry affected by polarizing public sentiment was faced with this exact problem. The negative content in this instance happened to be a consumer-generated YouTube video, which spawned numerous blog posts and social shares due to its compelling subject matter. In days, all the search results for brand-term queries were flooded with this negative content.

This is where Accelerate stepped in to protect our client’s brand identity and reputation. Through numerous campaigns and strategies, we were able to create and promote enough positive, brand-centric content to displace this negative content from the top pages of search results. The social buzz for this video dramatically slowed due to its lost visibility, and now we must only monitor against a resurgence as part of our brand reputation management for this client.

So we ask you, is your reputation being effectively managed online?

If not, give us a call and let us help you take back control of your brand’s identity.

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