New Top Conversion Paths Report In Google Analytics

New Top Conversion Paths Report In Google Analytics

Like it or not, the new version of Google Analytics is here to stay.  It wasn’t an immediate hit around the office, but one report changed my mind: Top Conversion Paths.  You can find this report under Conversions –> Multi-Channel Funnels –> Top Conversion Paths.

Within the Top Conversion Path report you can see how your marketing efforts interact with each other.  A visitor may come in on paid search, come back through an organic search and finally convert on a remarketing banner.  It also ranks the paths by number of conversions.  In the below example, we’re viewing the top ten conversions that took two or more touch points to convert.

This report is crucial for more influential marketing efforts.  While one channel may not lead to a direct conversion, it could be critical for the conversion path.  The Top Conversion Path report helps you make educated decisions on what’s working and what needs to be cut.


As paid search marketers, we take this report one step further.  Google Analytics gives us the ability to view our AdWords campaign in the same format.

Note: “Unavailable” means they interacted with the marketing campaign outside of AdWords.


This view is great for paid search managers to see how campaigns are interacting with each other.  A campaign could be on the chopping block for lack of conversion, but by looking at AdWords Top Conversion Paths you can see it’s leading to conversions down the road.  We can also see how Remarketing drives conversions within AdWords and beyond.



For those who want to take the conversion paths to the Ad Group and Keyword level, Google has you covered.  Again – this information is imperative to review before optimizing accounts.  If an ad group or keyword is influencing conversions, it may not be worth losing.


At Accelerate, we are data hungry people.  Top Conversion Paths allows us to make more informed optimization decisions to bring our customers the best performance possible.  If you are interested in Accelerate’s account management, contact us or call 1-877-676-2010 for a free account audit today!

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