New Look on Google SERPs: Organic Sitelinks Get a Facelift

New Look on Google SERPs: Organic Sitelinks Get a Facelift


After noticing this morning the new look of the organic sitelinks, I was expecting to get a ton of blog posts or emails about the change, but alas nothing! Either way, the SERPs now have a new look to them and this actually is somewhat of a drastic change, explanation after the jump:



If you’re racking your brain trying to figure out what it used to look like, here is a screen shot from a previous blog post that shows the way it used to look:



Why is this such a drastic change? These larger, more-detailed sitelinks will push the majority of natural rankings below the fold, dramatically reducing the amount of traffic other first-page results will get, which obviously makes being in the first position even more desirable.


Here is another screen shot from today (notice that only 4 sitelinks are listed and they take up more real estate than the 8 listed above from SEOmoz):



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