Mobile App Ad Extension

Mobile App Ad Extension

Yet again there is a new Ad Extension in Google Adwords that makes paid ads more versatile. The new mobile app extension allows companies that advertise on Android and iOS mobile devices to offer their app for download within the paid ad.

When we searched for “restaurants” in Google on a phone, we saw this ad for At the bottom of their ad was a link to download their app.

In past blogs we’ve shown how simply having extra ad extensions can make your ads stand out and increase click through rates (CTRs) drastically. Regardless of whether or not people actually click on the ad extension link, having it there increases your real estate on the search engine results page (SERP) and makes your ads stand out from your competitors. According to Google, they saw a 6% increase in CTR when the mobile app extension displayed during beta testing.

This mobile app ad extension is great for companies with a standard web presence and an app to promote. In the past some companies may have had to make a choice on what to advertise—their website or their app. Now they can advertise both in the same ad.

Conversion Tracking

The great news is, if your app is available for download in the Android Market or Google Play, you can set your app download as a conversion in AdWords. This makes it easy to tie your PPC ad spend back to app downloads and figure out what elements of your campaign are delivering a favorable ROI. Unfortunately, this level of tracking is not available for iOS apps, which is available to iPhone and iPads. While this limitation is a big hole in the mobile app extension, Google is definitely moving in the right direction. It’s no secret that mobile searching is on the rise and is already rivaling searches done on computers. The more Google can do to help advertisers leverage mobile search devices the better.

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