Micro-Moments: Breaking Down ‘I-Want-To-Know’ Moments

Recent research conducted by Google has shown that people are no longer going online for extended sessions of research. Instead, their internet usage is described as ‘micro-moments,’ or quick instances of online activity in which they actively search for specific information.

‘I-Want-To-Know’ Moments Defined

Some of these instances are called ‘I-want-to-know’ moments. In these moments, a person uses a device to search for answers to questions, whether out of a desire to make a better decision or simply for curiosity’s sake. These moments might be broken down as follows.

A Scenario

Suppose you’re relaxing for the evening in front of your TV. A commercial comes on, and it makes some astronomical claims about a product’s capabilities. You don’t really feel like you need the product itself, but if it’s all it claims to be, it might be worth looking into. And after all, you kind of wonder if it actually does everything the commercial says it does.

So you reach for your phone and ask Siri to pull up some reviews. That moment is when your question needs to be answered, and you’ll probably stick with whatever information you find—positive or negative.

Making the Most of the Moment

If the company is smart, they’ve probably published some content about their product that will work within this moment. The response they tailor for the question you have (something like “Is this thing legit?”) needs to have these qualities:

  • It must be concise and quickly digestible.
  • It must have a genuine tone that is consistent with the company’s other advertising.
  • It should be informative. If it provides no value in the first few seconds, it will likely go ignored.
  • It should be optimized for search engines so it ranks high on the list.

A wise company will have incorporated content onto their site that will provide the answers you are looking for. Those answers will be quick, succinct, and informative.

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