Micro-Moments: Breaking Down ‘I-Want-To-Go’ Moments

When you want to go somewhere, such as to eat or to find something you need for a project, that’s what Google defines as ‘I-want-to-go’ moments. Finding places to go has become a massive function of online searches, so being able to take advantage of those moments is vital to attracting customers.

‘I-Want-To-Go’ Moments Defined

In many instances, ‘I-want-to-go’ moments involve “near me” searches. In other words, someone might search for “restaurants near me” or “hardware stores near me.” By and large, these searches are more generic than specific, so very few people are going to be looking for your brand. Instead, they’ll be interested in whoever is closest who can satisfy their needs.

A Scenario

Let’s take an example. Suppose Mr. Jim has a hankering for some waffles one Saturday morning. He also kind of wants to eat out rather than fix them himself. He pulls out his phone, and he asks Siri to search for “waffles near me.”

If you serve waffles, you want to make absolutely sure your restaurant comes up on that list. If it doesn’t, Mr. Jim is not paying you a visit. If it does come up, and if your site presents the quick message that your waffles are more amazing than anything ever (or if they at least look appetizing enough that Mr. Jim’s stomach screams “WANT!” to his brain), he’s likely going to visit you ASAP.

Making the Most of the Moment

To make the most of these ‘I-want-to-go’ moments, you need to remember a few things. These are:

  • As stated, most “near me” searches are for generic keywords, not specific brands.
  • Customer loyalty is nowhere near as important in these searches as convenience and instant satisfaction.
  • Half of those who conduct these searches will visit the store within 24 hours.
  • Roughly one out of five “near me” searches results in a purchase.

So the question now is whether your brand has the online presence needed to come up on “near me” searches. If you want help establishing that presence, contact our team of Digital Marketing Rockstars at Accelerate Online Marketing.

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