Maximize Your AdWords Real Estate With Ad Extensions

Maximize Your AdWords Real Estate With Ad Extensions

In the past year, Google has been providing AdWords advertisers the opportunity to expand their presence beyond the standard 4-line ad. While each extension has its own specific benefits, they all allow the advertiser to expand their “real estate” on the search result page. The extra emphasis not only boosts your brand, it gives you the chance to look better than your competitors.

1. Sitelinks: Ad sitelinks are extra links below your display URL. These give you the opportunity to deep-link to your site straight from your ad. Click through rate (CTR) tends to be higher for sitelinks than the overall CTR for the ads. We’ve seen clients’ CTRs increase up to 60% with the addition of sitelinks. Google allows ten sitelinks per campaign, and will automatically display up to six sitelinks based on the search query and past performance. The sitelinks can be updated as many times as you would like, making them the perfect location to display specials and other current marketing messages.

Example of Sitelinks:


2. Call Extensions: Call extensions serve two purposes, depending on which device is being used. For high end mobile (HEM), the call extension appears as clickable. This gives the customer the chance to call you directly from the ad. For desktops and tablets, Google provides a call metrics option. Call metrics allows Google to assign a trackable phone number for your ad whether the search is on a HEM device, desktop computer or tablet. The Google number forwards the calls to your business. Currently, calls are tallied at the campaign level.

Example of High End Mobile Call Extension:


Example of Desktop Call Extension:


3. Location Extensions: Location extensions help customers find you. The extension can include your address and phone number; they also integrate with Google Maps. You are not limited to one location extension by campaign. Enter several locations, and the one closest to the searcher will be displayed. This extension is eligible to display on desktops, tablets and HEM devices. As the local movement in search progresses, location extensions have become a vital part of online advertising.


Example of Location Extension:



4. Product Extensions: Product extensions work in conjunction with your Google Merchant account (formerly known as Google Base). By linking your AdWords and Google Merchant accounts, your ads are eligible to display products within your AdWords ads. The product extension can boost credibility and display pricing directly in the ads. Product extensions are critical for ecommerce advertisers.

Example of Product Extension:



5. Social Extensions: The newest addition to AdWords Ad Extensions is the social extension. This extension allows advertisers to link their AdWords campaign to their Google+ page. A user can +1 your ads, expanding your reach and influencing potential customers. The more +1’s, the more relevant your ad becomes; therefore, your social extensions can improve your overall performance by increasing your relevancy.

In conclusion, Google’s ad extensions give AdWords advertisers many chances to connect with customers. Whether by deep-linking, calling, finding directions or shopping within the ad – the customer can choose their preferred method of connection. By providing options, the advertiser doesn’t miss the sale.

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