Managing Your Online Presence

Managing Your Online Presence

In the retail environment, in the sense of traditional “brick and mortar” stores, the cliché says that the success of your business has a great deal to do with the location you choose. To a large extent the cliché has developed because of the truth that lies in the statement. If you’re trying to sell high-end neckties in a strip mall that mainly caters to a blue-collar crowd, thirty miles outside of the business district, you’re going to have a bad time. You may be found by a few shoppers, but are these the types of customers that you’re going after? Also, are you generating the volume of customers that it takes to grow your business (or in the worst cases, maintain)?

The things that you need to consider when positioning your business online are really just adaptations of the business considerations that paced through the minds of business owners before the Internet existed. They aren’t difficult concepts, but so often business owners get bogged down in the details of operation that the integrated marketing strategy of organizations becomes about as organized as a teenager’s bedroom. There are absolutely questions that you need to be asking yourself about how your business is portrayed online.

Firstly, and arguably most importantly, can you be found online? Does anyone know that your website exists? If people are searching the web for products or services that you offer, are you anywhere to be seen? If the answer to all of these questions is no then you’re just getting started in the game, and you’re taking the right steps in reading this blog.

Secondly, are you being found by the correct demographic? You may be found online, but are the people coming to your site the kind of customers that you want? Are they even people that are likely to become customers of yours? When participating in online marketing, you need to fully understand how and where your customers interact online. If you’re a dentist in Dallas whose customer base mainly uses Google to search online, you may consider local Dallas SEO to help boost your rankings in the search engines making it easy for your customer base to find you.

Thirdly, are your web properties speaking to your online audience in a way that makes them want to become a customer of yours? Once you start to get found and traffic comes to your site, it’s time to focus on what your website says and what it’s doing to help turn visitors into customers.

We should make it clear that marketing strategy does not stop here! This is simply a preliminary discussion intended to get the marketing juices flowing. Start thinking about the online presence of your business and weigh that against your overall business goals. If it doesn’t line up, then it may be time to consider changing up your game plan and even possibly acquiring some help in digital market.

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