Local Digital Tactics That Increase Your Visibility

Local Digital Tactics That Increase Your Visibility

Digital Marketing Tactics to Increase Your Website’s Visibility Locally

SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) used to be a buzzword that only large corporations could afford to fully understand. Today, more and more local businesses are focusing on SEO to build value at a local level, send the right signals to search engines, and drive more traffic to their doors.

Actually, there are numerous triggers that can be developed to help your business hit the target with local relevance. Sounds complicated, right? Accelerate’s team of digital marketing experts can help wade through all the hype to define the correct methodology. To increase the value of your website through increased visibility in the local arena, we suggest the following:

• Use a website structure that is localized and categorized in a hierarchy
Site organization is critical in getting your site found among the many contenders for top billing.

• Localize content with Schema
Schema markup helps clarify a company’s location through code additions that define the address in a standardized Internet format.

• Google Plus Local
All businesses whether local, national or global, need to secure their Google Plus listing. On a local level, the categories combined with localized verbiage help set your business apart from the pack.

• Develop rich, fresh content
Content relevance is the new SEO and Google continues to explore new ways to determine content value relationships in regard to search queries.

While there are more techniques that can be employed in your local strategy, this is the foundation that should be present to achieve results. To help track your R.O.I., Accelerate’s digital catalysts can guide you to a strategy crafted for your business with measurable performance indicators.

Tactics change as rapidly as fashion in SEO and it takes the right advice combined with the right execution to get the best results. So if you’re ready to elevate awareness about your company, take your site to the next level, and enjoy the rewards it brings, click here to contact us for a free audit request.

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