Local Digital Marketing Tactics That Improve R.O.I.

Local Digital Marketing Tactics That Improve R.O.I.

Take it from Accelerate’s team of digital catalysts – our business is R.O.I. for our clients.

Today, the ever-increasing numbers of local businesses are marketing their products and services through PPC (pay per click) advertisements. Managing an effective local PPC campaign can be a difficult task for smaller local businesses, especially when working within a very constricted budget of $500-$1,500/month. No matter the size of your PPC budget, it goes without saying – the ultimate goal is to increase your business’s ROI.

Implementing effective marketing strategies in the digital landscape through PPC campaigns is key when trying to maximize profitability. However, doing so can be much easier said than done. Most anyone can learn to build a keyword list, write a few ads, and begin receiving clicks. But, if those clicks are not translating to sales, then your dollars are being wasted.

Accelerate Online Marketing’s (Accelerate) team of experienced digital marketing experts has built and continues to successfully manage numerous local PPC campaigns. When looking to increase your ROI and manage more effective campaigns, Accelerate recommends the following:

Build an account using micro adgroups
Meaning 1-2 keywords of each match type (modified, broad and exact) in each adgroup. This makes identifying poor-performing keywords easier and gives you the ability to set bids more intelligently at the adgroup level, while managing your cost more effectively.

Use tight keyword funneling
Make all applicable positive keywords in opposing adgroups negatives across all other adgroups.

Run search query reports to find new keyword opportunities
This is also very helpful in finding keywords triggering your ads that are not related to your products or services.

Ad extensions- show beneath the text of your ads and link to other pages of your site, as well as the main landing page. Ad extensions provide the user with a quick view of popular, and typically higher converting, pages of your site.
o Call extensions (or click-to-call on mobile devices) allow you to place a phone number with your ad in witch users can call from directly. There is no charge for this, and you have the ability to set dates and times the extension will show according to your business hours.
o Location extensions display your business’s address to help potential customers find your location. On mobile devices, the location extension will link to your phone’s map application for quick and easy directions.

Day part your ads
If sales are only made over the phone, make sure you have enough budget to show during the hours when someone is there to complete sales.

Mobile experience
Having an effective mobile strategy is key for any local business. Make sure your site is mobile-friendly. If it is not, think about creating a simple mobile landing page that serves the user’s basic needs, such as getting directions or calling then and there.

Tracking conversions
Set up goals in Google Analytics that are beneficial to your business. A few examples might be when a user completes a transaction, views a video, or a spends X amount of time on a certain page.

These are just a few of the many tactics that can be implemented to increase your local business’s ROI through Paid Search. Changes in the paid advertising landscape are constantly occurring, and Accelerate’s team of digital catalysts is always “in the know” and provides unparalleled service for our clients.

To find out how we can help track, manage, and increase your ROI, contact us today for a free audit.

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