Link AdWords to Google Base (Google Merchant Account) – Google Product Extensions Case Study

Link AdWords to Google Base (Google Merchant Account) – Google Product Extensions Case Study

It’s official – you may now link your Google Products (Google Base) aka Google Merchant Center Account) to your AdWords Account. (US Advertisers Only)

What does this mean?

If you aren’t using Google Base, you should be!

Product Images will now show up inside your Paid Search ads, if you have linked the AdWords and Merchant Center Account.

There are 2 steps you need to follow to link the two features.

1. Log into your Google Merchant Account, click on Settings>AdWords and enter your 10 digit Customer ID.


2. Log into your AdWords account, click on the “Campaign>Settings>Edit”, then under Networks, Products, and Extensions you should see “Use product images and information from my Google Merchant Center account” and it should be listed there as an option.

Like Ad Sitelinks, product extensions allow you to use your existing Google Merchant Center account to highlight your products directly in your search ads! Of course, only the products that are releveant to teh search query will show, in your text ad, and will show the image, title, and price of your products in a plusbox under your ad. This will improve CTR, draw attention to your ad, and hopefully your prices are competitive!

You are not charged if the searcher simply expands the plusbox to view the images, and does not click through to your website.

Our first full month’s results show a 61% increase in CTR when the Ad displayed with a Plus Box. More dramatic than that,when the Plus Box was expanded, we saw a 1257% increase in CTR. From 2.12% to 32.92%! We had 2827 Headline Clicks when ad Showed a Plus Box, so this is statistically significant. Our Ads showed with the plus box 15.89% of the time. This should be compelling enough data to make sure you set up a Google Based Product Feed

You have the option to determine which products are displayed when a user’s query triggers your ads. If you sell Beastie Band Cat Collarsyou can choose to promote the newest or best selling brand when a user searches for “cool cat collars” on By making a simple addition to your Merchant Center account, you can easily control the products that display for certain queries. Of course, you can always use automatic targeting, and let AdWords determine the most relevant products in your account to a user’s query.




To get started, log in to your Google Merchant Center and enter your Adwords customer ID. Then edit the Campaign in AdWords, and find the “Network, Devices, and Extensions” section. Select “Use product images and information from my Google Merchant Center account.”


If you do not have a Google Merchant Center Account (Google Base) aka (Google Products) and would like help in setting one up, please give Accelerate Online Marketing a call and we will give you a custom quote based on the number of items in your inventory.
For more information on Google Based Product Search, read our blog post.

Or call 877-676-2010 for a Free Site Analysis and Consultation!

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