Life at Accelerate: Juggling Contest

Life at Accelerate: Juggling Contest

For months now Accelerate employees have been learning how to juggle, in-between providing our clients the best results possible of course. Finally it was brought up that there should be a juggling competition to decide who had learned the most in that time period, along with showing off some fancy juggling skills. On June 29 Accelerate held its first internal juggling competition to crown the king of the office when it comes to juggling.

The competition started off with Timothy Davis, our Director of Paid Advertising, explaining the rules to the competitors and judges:

Each competition had different rules and objectives:

  • Rotation – the objective of this piece was to see how many rotations a player could complete (no time limit)
  • Time – how long can you juggle for?
  • Box – the player has to stand with their feet in boxes to see how long they can juggle (staying in one place)
  • Trick Shot – you have 1 minute to complete a trick shot that you call before attempting

It was followed by a rousing game of rock, paper, scissors to decide the order of the competition (winner to decide where they want to juggle).

The order was (from first to last): Timothy Davis, Robert Huber (Development Intern), Will Hash (Paid Advertising Account Manager), Seth Stecker (Business Development) and Dave Rowe (Paid Advertising Account Manager).

When it was all said and done, Timothy Davis and Will Hash were tied; they went into the finals with Tim coming out ahead of Will with a score of 3-2:

After the competition we caught up with both Tim and Will to get some comments on the competition:


Question: Overall, what did you think of the competition?

Answer (Will): A lot harder than I expected; my nerves really got to me. I really couldn’t believe how much my palms were sweating.

Answer (Tim): First off I would like to thank all of the competitors and judges today; thank you for making this such a wonderful event. Now in reference to your question, it was kind of a walk in the park. I’m hoping the next competition will bring harder objectives and better competitors. It was as steep as a yoga mat in all honesty.


Question: What was your training regiment like?

Answer (Will): I’ve been juggling for years now, but to really be on top my game I knew I had to practice every day for about 2 months straight. I even thought training outside in the Texas heat would prepare me for battle…I was wrong.

Answer (Tim): I started juggling about a month ago and picked it up quicker than expected, turns out not only am I obviously gifted, but I’m a prodigy.


Question: At any point did you get worried?

Answer (Will): Picking the position that I did [going right before Tim] I thought would actually give me an advantage. After the first round I quickly realized that no matter how hard I tried I just couldn’t get out of his shadow. It was demoralizing…

Answer (Tim): Great question, because there was one distinct moment that I did get worried; in the final battle, the head to head competition, I was extremely worried Will was going to start crying…that would have been awkward!


Question: Did you have a strategy going into this competition?

Answer (Will): It started out with, “Don’t mess up, don’t mess up,” but quickly turned into, “Stop embarrassing yourself, stop embarrassing yourself!”

Answer (Tim): Strategy? If I had to say there was a strategy, I could sum it up in two words: “show up.”


Question: Any closing comments?

Answer (Will): I’m just happy to make it to the finals against, quite possibly, the best competitor in the office…nay, the best competitor in the world. I’m just extremely happy to have my name alongside his.

Answer (Tim): I truly appreciate those wonderful words from Will, but who are we kidding? They’re dead on!

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